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With over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of precast concrete components for diverse projects, EP’s reputation stands for itself in the testimonies of partners they work with.

Successfully delivering more than 3.5 million m3 of various precast concrete components from seven strategic locations, they have met many large-scale, time-sensitive projects in their strong commitment to provide quality products and service. Our precast concrete components include façade walls, slabs and customised solutions.

In 2016, Eastern Pretech Singapore (EPS) developed various green concrete types from recyclable materials which was recognised and certified by the Singapore Environment Council's Green Labelling Scheme.

EPS was awarded the “Green Mark” certification for 45 concrete mix designs by the Singapore Green Building Council in June 2017 and 35 types in January 2018.

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EP has been instrumental in spearheading the use of advanced precast concrete construction in technology in collaboration with the public and private sectors.

Core products include customised precast prestressed hollow-core slabs, reinforced precast concrete columns, beams, walls and other infrastructure precast concrete components such as bridge beams, concrete railways sleepers and tunnel segments.

The range of precast concrete products is manufactured in a controlled factory environment which enables EP to ensure consistent quality and precision. EP products are manufactured in world-wide best practices and in compliance to local and international standards. Our precast concrete is highly sought after by well-known developers in Singapore & Malaysia for use in numerous applications.



Popular choice for private residential projects


Facade Wall

Created off-site


Single Tee

A load bearing structure of reinforced concrete, wood or metal



Manufactured and certified according to government standards



Durable and ideal for floor and ceiling options


Waffle slab

Used when the structural span is long or vibration control is needed


Hollow-core slab

Widely used type for flooring



Provides a flexible solution to the structural component of a project



Can be single or multi-tiered and helps in expediting the project


Track Slabs

Used as an alternative to ballasted track systems


Tunnel Segment

Engineered and fabricated to any diameter and service application



Produced in two basic shapes, Mono Block and Twin Block

Frame Systems

Precast frame systems are often used for buildings where open spaces are required, ie. commercial buildings, car parking structures and office buildings.

Hybrid Structural Systems

A combination of precast with other structural system can be used to meet projects’ special requirements.

High Rise Buildings

The floors in high rise buildings are often very repetitive in design and therefore also very suitable for precast concrete.

Segmental Tunnel Lining

Precast Tunnel Segments are engineered and fabricated to virtually any diameter and service application. Segments, usually at least six per ring, are assembled and installed by the tunnel boring machine as it excavates the tunnel.

Concrete Railway Sleepers

EP is able to produce concrete sleepers according to any international standard, in Meter Gauge, Standard Gauge or others with several different fixing systems. Turnout bearers and crossing bearers can also be produced according to the client’s specification.