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Prefabricated Bathroom Units (PBU)

With many years of experience the industry, Eastern Pretech has become the leading manufacturers of PBUs in Singapore. EP’s ready-to-install off-site prefabricated bathroom unit or PBUs, are branded under PARMA, which comes in steel casette or concrete applications.

PARMA PBUs can be customised to your desired design and layout and is fully furnished with all necessary high-quality sanitary ware, plumbing and electrical works and fixtures pre-installed before delivery to site.

PBU Singapore | Eastern Pretech

PARMA bathroom unit, an environmentally-friendly product that reduces materials wastage, saves construction time and lower maintenance cost in the long term, offers quality assurance.

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Fully Furnished in the Factory

Each PARMA bathroom unit is completely prefabricated and fumished with all sanitary wares, fittings, electrical and sanitary services within the factory

Flexible Layout Design

Each PARMA bathroom unit can be customised to your desired design and layout

Minimal Work on Site

As the PARMA bathroom unit has been fully assembled and produced in the factory, there is minimal work required on site

High Quality Workmanship

Better quality and uniformity can be achieved at a factory in a controlled environment

Easy Installation

Each PARMA bathroom unit can be easily installed with a crane either by hoisting the unit through top-down or side-push method

Quality Guaranteed

Each PARMA bathroom unit will be subjected to thorough and stringent quality control and tests such as water-proofing, plumbing and electrical wiring in the factory before it is delivered to customers